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Use Your Cafe Website to Grow Your Business.

Cafe internet developer, Online Customer Solutions, have compiled the below ideas for helping to create a search engine friendly website for a Cafe.

A good website for your Cafe will not only engage with your customers, helping repeat business, it will provide a way of new customers finding you leading to increased sales.

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Cafe Keyword Research

To obtain a good directory position, it is essential that you research the most relevant keywords. Keywords are what people type into a search engine to find what they are looking for. Because a cafe serves a local community, you will need to include your town or area in the keyword. For example “Camden Cafe” or “café Lincoln”.

Website Content for a Cafes

Ensure that every web page holds a good amount of relevant content. We recommend that a page should include at least 300 words. At the moment there is a lot focus on the ‘Authority’ of a site. Articles on your Cafe shop website should be as long as relevantly possible. Don’t just bulk them out with spam (junk).

Cafe Website Titles

The title of your site is usually an excellent indicator to the search engines what your page will be about. Don’t use page names like “aboutus.php” or “untitled.php”. instead use something descriptive like “Cafe-Bristol.php”. As you build your site, you’ll want to use your keywords in the name of the pages.

Your pages should contain the keywords that you have identified as being relevant. Pages should be well created, and have no grammatical or spelling errors.

Make sure each page, on your Cafe website, has a unique title (H1 tag). Also remember to include H2 and H3 title tags on your Cafe company website.

Meta Descriptions for your Cafe website

Your Cafe web meta description is the text that is shown underneath your website address on the search engine results pages. Although it is said not to explicitly act as a search engine ranking factor, it does affect whether or not someone clicks on your link.

Images on your Cafe Website

Search engines cannot ‘see’ pictures (yet). Cafe websites will need lots of good quality pictures. Make sure you add in your Cafe keywords to the file name, alt attributes and description.

Links from other Cafe Websites

A fundamental function of the internet is how it is all connected together via hyperlinks. Making sure your Cafe shop site links to other high-quality Cafe company sites is said to improve your sites ranking, although it can’t possibly be much of a factor (it is not exactly hard to do) and there must be significant limits.

Are respectable websites linking to yours? Are they relevant and does the anchor text (the words of the link, not the URL) contain your keywords?

A good cafe article will be enjoyed by your customers. They will either blog about it, link to it from their own website or recommend it to others. All this generates backlinks and adds to the authority.

Ask people for reviews of your cafe on social media. Reviews of Cafes on Google Business are especially useful. Engage with your customers on your blog.

Cafe websites should have offers and information! Keep your website up-to-date with relevant content.

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