Setting up and Working with Analytics Campaigns

Getting the most out of Analytics Campaigns and Conversion Reporting.

If you use Google Analytics and regularly distribute content to generate more web visits. Then you need to have analytics campaigns tracking set-up and running.  Find out below how to plan, set-up and analyse website visits using Google Analytics Campaigns Tracking.

Conversion Tracking in Analytics

Fortunately, this is simplicity itself. In short, you simply add parameters to your website URLs.


The Parameters

The simplest way to illustrate how to set-up campaign reporting is by example. By adding 3 parameters to your back-links, campaign reporting becomes simple. These parameters are below:

utm_medium – for example blog, website, social, email
utm_source – for example my blog, www-other-site,, new-sign-up
utm_campaign – for example article-1, reach-out-Feb, social-update-1, email-blast-march


Becomes (all on one line)


Whenever you post a link to your website, remember to include the parameters so that you can track exactly how much traffic is being generated AND the conversion.

Remember to keep it simple and descriptive. Don’t get into codes or complicate abbreviations. social, facebook, 100217

How to Measure the Results

Open up and log into your Google Analytics account and navigate to Acquisitions -> Campaigns -> All Campaigns

campaigns in analytics
Google Analytics Campaign tracking instructions

This will default to showing you stats based on the campaign you specified in the “utm_campaign” parameter above. Or, if you are running paid campaigns and have linked your accounts, these will also show here.

To drill-down into the medium and source use the tabs and secondary dimensions that you will be used to in analytics.

Campaign dimensions
Analytics campaign dimensions utm_campaign

Once you are happy with your view, and as long as you have set-up goals to measure conversion rate, then you can easily see which links are delivering the most conversions.

Analytics Campaigns and conversion stats
Analytics conversion report

In Conclusion

Campaigns are easy to set-up, simple to report on and free to use. Start discovering which of your online marketing is delivering the best results!

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Independent Website Due Diligence – Investor Research

A Website report is an essential part of Due Diligence to establish company value.


If you are buying or investing in a company you need to understand exactly what its website contributes to the value. Company valuations depend on many factors and often have a subjective element. Similarly, how much a website contributes is not just about sales.

Some factors to consider are:

  • How many visitors does the website get?
  • How many convert to customers?
  • What is the customer profile?
  • How well does the website perform compared to sector competitors?
  • How much room is there to improve?

Making the decision to purchase or invest in a company is often made with insufficient consideration of its website.

What should be included in a Website report as part of the Due Diligence?

History and Overview

This should include a general summary of the website’s role, objectives and history. When was it established, what technology does it use (is this good or bad?), is it mobile friendly? The website background can often be very different to the company background.

Current Online Marketing Activity

What is the current digital strategy and how is it being implemented. Is it being carried out in-house or by a third party? How is it being measured, how much does it cost and what is the return?

How many followers, friends or likes does the website have? Is it active on social media or pay per click?

Search Engine and Website Performance

Which ‘keywords’ does the site ‘rank for’ at the moment? Are these relevant to the company objectives and is the SEO strategy performing efficiently? How is the website performance monitored, are all the basics in place or is there room for improvement?

Website performance


Visitor numbers and conversion (sales or enquiries)

How many people visit the website and from which source. How many of these convert to paying customers.

Local SEO
local seo growth over time
Traffic Trends

What types of customers are buying from the website. For example, do they only purchase once, or regularly. What is the split between returning and new customers? Which marketing activity is driving the most number of visits?

Online Reputation

Does the company (via the website) have a good reputation? How many positive reviews are found on either social media or the site itself? How many negative? What is the general online perception of the website / company? Online reviews need to be managed and responded to, how is this completed?

Competitor Research

Who are the main competitors and how does their website perform in comparison? Include an overview and commentary about the positives and negatives of their sites.


What is the overall operating cost of the website and supporting function? From hosting costs, to security, payment processing and customer service.

Opportunites / Threats

Include a list of the opportunities and potential threats to the website performance.

Website Oversight

Based in the North West, an estate agent contacted us in order to review their website. Our contact had purchased a business and reached out to discover how he could improve its website performance.

In summary, our client’s new website just loaded 3rd party content. Consequently, in Google terms, their website didn’t exist!

On the positive side, our client had bought a company that had a website with a great deal of opportunity!

Another client had looked to make an investment in a mail order company. Their website was clunky but was taking orders. Understand the customer data behind the orders. Highlight opportunity that the website could realise. Outline the effect this would have on the bottom line.

Before Making an Investment, Carry out Website Due Diligence

It almost doesn’t matter which industry or sector you are looking to invest in. Even (especially) for companies that have no online presence, getting a view of the online landscape will offer insight and opportunity.

Contact us for more information about our website due diligence service.

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