Strategies Retailers Can Use To Increase Online Conversion.

Increase Online Conversion

A good design and powerful brand marketing will help you attract the attention of online shoppers, but you will need more to convince them to complete a purchase.

Embed secure signs to build trust

A sure way of increasing shopping cart abandonment is to lose a customers trust. If you are not using one of the big well-known payment gateways, for example, PayPal, your site must be secure and display the industry security credentials at every stage of the purchase. This will ensure that customers have the confidence in the technology features needed to guard their information.

Ensure Distraction-free Web Design and User Experience

Web design influences the way most customer interaction occurs. User experience (UX) while shopping will translate to what they end up doing — they either abandon or they make a purchase.

The design is not as crucial as user experience. Your site needs to answer all the customer questions clearly. Good product description, clear pricing, excellent pictures, delivery and returns information. Give the customer everything they need to move through the buying cycle easily and simply. This will reduce in lower abandonment and increase online conversions.

Use Retargeting ads

If a customer has already been on your site to view the products, they could still be in the buying window doing research. Retargeting could be an opportunity in hiding. Build up your re-targeting campaign using Google ads or Facebook.

Win Back a Customer and Increase Online Conversion

Abandoned carts should always trigger a series of emails (ensure you capture customer emails early in the shopping cart process). The first email should be along the lines of ‘don’t forget your basket. Subsequent emails could include details of offers, free shipping, discount codes or free gifts. Whatever your business model supports. Don’t go overboard though and make it obvious. Existing customers will notice any trend and make sure they benefit in future. Certainly, try your best to capture new customers, though! Make the first email quick after the abandonment, don’t lose out to your competitors

Streamline Your Checkout Process.

This is when most shopping carts are abandoned. Have a look at how simple Amazon make it. There famous one click check out couldn’t make it easier for customers to purchase.

You might not have the resources to makes things that simple, but PayPal have a system for speeding up transactions for existing customers and new ones alike.

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