Free Online Lead Generation – 2-Week Free Trial Offer

Start or resume your online marketing with a free online lead generation strategy and 2-week trial.

If you have already started researching how to find leads online, you probably have a shortlist similar to the below:

  • Outsource Email campaign – £15 per lead.
  • Outsource lead generation (3rd party website capture driven by PPC or social) – £40 per lead.
  • Outsource content marketing – £5 per lead.
  • Your own PPC campaign – unknown cost per lead.

Across all the options, the conversion rate is the big unknown variable.If you have outsourced lead generation before, you’ll no doubt be aware that both quality and supply are variable, which is why your ideal solution is to develop a lead source of your own. Unfortunately, this takes some time to refine and conversion rates are untested.

Assuming you have spent time investing in your website, and you are sure that it will be able to convert visits, the challenge is obviously getting the right people to your site.

It’s likely at this stage that you have already tried PPC (probably AdWords) with limited success. This is usually because campaigns are set up to be fairly generic. It’s worth spending more time defining exactly who your perfect visitor is and what they are looking for.

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Invest as much time in negative keywords as positive ones, utilise all the site extension and have a strong call to action on all adverts.

Free Online Lead Generation Advice

While you are building your own online lead generation processes, dont put all your eggs in one basket. Try and negotiate low scale tests of all your lead options whilst also trying to develop your own lead generation.

You will know what is too much to risk untested, and if the supplier has any faith in their service they will accept a lower trial. If they won’t then they are just trying to get your money off you. Also, be aware that any test will involve suppliers sending you the very best leads. Quality will only go down. Email and content marketing can sometimes sound too good to be true, but are worth a (very) low-risk test.

SEO and developing your own website is an essential long-term option. But long term can sometimes mean years if you are in a competitive industry. Keep adding some interesting copy to your website that people will find interesting and useful. This is the only way to improve your website performance (along with the other technical factors).

Focus on Your Own Online Lead Generation

Establish more specific keywords and refine your ad text. Also, test other settings such as device and time of day.

This should lead to visitors only interested in your service visiting your landing page. Conversion to visit and qualification could then be established. There are other online marketing options (for example social, content, email and affiliate) but I think AdWords PPC is your best chance for a quicker return on investment.

The Free Online Lead Generation Offer

Online Customer Solutions don’t charge anything to review and set up new AdWords Campaigns. We recommend a test AdWords budget of £250 over 2 weeks and fully detail the plan before putting the campaign live.

At the end of the 2 weeks, we can review the results. This could lead to increasing budgets; refining the approach and testing again, or establishing that other lead sources are more effective.

If we continue past the 2-week test then we would put forward a proposal for our time (c£170-£500 per month depending on the effort required).

It normally takes a couple of days to be ready to launch and progress is monitored daily.

If you are interested in signing up to our free online lead generation test, please fill in this form and quote:2WEEKTEST to get started!

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B2C and B2B Online Lead Generation Company in Manchester

Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) – Manchester Online Lead Generation Company

Online Customer Solutions is a specialist online lead generation company in Manchester, UK. We provide B2C and B2B customer acquisition campaigns to increase sales.

Online Lead Generation Services

Your Challenge:

  • Increase Customer Numbers.
  • Grow turnover.
  • Maintain your great reputation.
  • Achieve a good return on investment.

The Online Lead Generation Solution

  • Identify potential customers (your target audience).
  • Establish an efficient digital marketing strategy.
  • Maintain a high quality, compliant, consistent message.
  • Pass leads to your website or introduce leads to your sales teams.
  • Real-time online reporting of campaign metrics.
  • Achieve a great return on investment.

Online Customer Solutions are specialists in online lead generation. With over 13 years of experience in running online lead generation for companies from our offices in Manchester, we can provide qualified leads which meet our agreed criteria.

Online Lead Generation in Manchester







Our highly experienced team will work to understand you and your business so that we can best represent you to your customers, increasing the awareness and reputation of your brand at the same time as generating new business leads.

Online Business Lead Generation

We are a specialist digital strategy and online lead generation company within niche industries for example: insurance, retail, engineering, distribution, logistics and manufacturing. Based in Manchester in the UK, we provide an economical way to generate new business.

Our solutions are highly sophisticated, using proprietary software developed by our IT team gives us the edge over many other online lead generation companies, we can generate leads that are passed over for a call back, email you the customer’s details or pass them straight to your website to complete a sale or qualification form.

Our management team has a wealth of experience working on both B2B and B2C online lead generation campaigns. As a company, we are always striving to push forward new technology driven strategies.

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Contact us to find out how we can help you generate online leads and increase sales.

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Why Contact Centres Should Offer Online Marketing To Their Clients.

White Label Online Lead Generation for Contact Centres.

Business development teams within call centres will recognise that not all enquiries are right for a calling campaign. With this in mind, instead of turning away business, sales teams now have an option. Either, offer a calling campaign in conjunction with online marketing or offer online marketing as a standalone service.

Call Centre Clients may have:

  • A hard-to-explain product.
  • A lack of quality data.
  • Impossible timescales.
  • Unrealistic budgets for a calling campaign.

None of these (except the last one) completely rules out a calling campaign. However, implementing an online lead generation service in conjunction with, or instead of, a calling campaign can yield better results.

Online Lead Generation Service for Contact Centre Clients.

Online marketing campaigns are cheaper and quicker to set-up than calling campaigns. They can be perfect for clients either with lower budgets, or more niche lead generation requirements.

With training costs, data, recruitment and then staff costs, calling fees can soon build up.

Every BDM will have had a client come to them asking for seemingly impossible results. Either working alongside a specialist calling campaign or just as a standalone marketing campaign, online lead generation can boost results and offer the client a lower risk alternative to calling.

The Service

This service is not suitable for larger clients that are already invested in online marketing. It is targeted at SMEs with lower budgets, a challenging campaign or not already embracing online marketing.

  • Online Customer Solutions set up a website landing page, customised to the client’s brand and values.
  • Visitors are then invited to the page via online marketing (Google, LinkedIn or, depending on the client offering, Facebook).
  • Transparent reporting is provided via automated daily performance reports.
  • Leads would be emailed directly to the contact centre data team or client.
  • A call route could be set up to deliver live inbound leads to an agent, voice mail or client.

As with all things lead generation, conversion very much depends on the service being offered, but inbound leads tend to convert higher than outbound calling.

After an initial discussion to understand the client requirements, a proposal and service agreement is defined. Set up after sign-off takes between 3-5 working days.

SME Lead Generation Costs

As the client pays the online marketing costs, the service is cost neutral for the call centre.

Set up costs are typically £500 and there is monthly management fee of £350 per campaign.

Monthly advertising budgets are flexible and depend on the client and requirements. Typically, for smaller SME’s, we recommend a £300 per month budget for a trial period of 3 months.

Example Client Costs:

Month 1 : Set up, monthly management and marketing budget: £1250.
Month 2 : Monthly management and marketing budget: £650.
Month 3 : Monthly management and marketing budget: £650.

Benefits to the Contact Centre

Calling is essential for some campaigns, but for the ones that a need a little help, online lead generation:

  • Provides high-quality data.
  • Enhances calling results.
  • Offers a value added service to new or existing clients.
  • Monetises lower value leads.

Service Delivery

The service is flexible and supplied in two ways:

White Label: Working with your internal teams we supply proposals, reports and analysis using your branding. You retain the client communication, relationship and invoicing. We invoice you for the services we supply.

Referral Partner: For a referral fee, you pass the lead over to us and we work directly with the client. We deliver the online marketing targets and, if required, work with your internal teams to support the calling campaign. For example, supplying the data.

Why Work With Online Customer Solutions?

  • Motivated to deliver business growth for you and your clients.
  • Experienced across a variety of industries.
  • 19 Years Call Centre Experience.
  • 12 years Online Marketing and SEO experience.
  • Full range of online marketing services to support you and your clients.
  • Proactively looking for new ways to continuously improve the performance.
  • Constantly up to date with the latest SEO developments and trends.
  • Detailed knowledge of online marketing including SEO, PPC, Email, affiliate recruitment, content marketing, social media and display re-targeting.
  • Technical Knowledge: HTML, PHP, MVC, OpenCart, MySql, WordPress
  • Experienced with Google Analytics and other reporting suites.

Contact Us To Start

Based in Manchester in the UK we provide IT solutions to a range of business and specialise in online marketing and lead generation.

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Lead Generation – Call Centre v Online Marketing

Online Lead Generation Compared to a Traditional Outbound Call Centre.

Lead Generation

Online advertising, search engine optimisation, content marketing and social media. All these, used well, combine to raise awareness and place your online self in front of prospective customers at the right time in the right place.

Your online self can be a social media page or better still website. A good website projects authority and creates confidence. Social media is a great way to get the word out or ask for recommendations. Pointing people to your website means they can buy directly from you. There are now add-ins to some social media sites to support e-commerce, for general overall confidence, people still like to have a look round an online website and read some testimonials/reviews. Especially if they have never bought from you before.

Pay Per Click

Online advertising, or pay per click, can be effective when you are selling a product or service and know what people are going to be typing into search for. If you set your PPC campaign up correctly when people search in Google for ‘exercise class in Cheadle’ then you advert will appear at the top of the search results, and you pay when people click on the advert and get sent to your website. A good website will then funnel the potential customer through the sales or sign-up process, resulting in a conversion. Although you can’t win them all!

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has the same objectives but without the cost per click. If you can use online and offline SEO to demonstrate to Google that you are an expert and a trusted authority when it comes to ‘exercise classes in Cheadle’ then they will display your website metadata high up in the search results meaning you get more visits.

Costs are variable depending on what type of website you need, how many customers you are looking to attract. What the industry conversions are typically like and the level of competition in your chosen field. Digital agencies can offer a fully bespoke solution with a price tag to match. Small businesses looking to generate more leads from online marketing can start with a relatively small budget, c£150 – £500 for a website. Depending on the marketing budgets, solutions can be found starting at £250 to set up and £150 per month to run a marketing campaign. A good agency will give you a month free marketing to see what kind of results can be generated.

Outbound Call Centres.

Outbound Call Centre’s have had a tough time since the acceleration of the internet. People rarely wait around for the phone to ring when they want an insurance quote / a new boiler / solar panels.

Over 85% of landlines are now registered with the Telephone Preference Service, so the more reputable call centre’s won’t be contacting a huge percentage of the market. Calling mobiles can be expensive and the contact rate is very low. People screen calls from numbers they don’t recognise.

Then there is the cost. A typical call centre will have agent time (per hour), telephony costs, admin, pensions, tax, overheads, bonus payments. Add on to this the cost of the data (who are you going to call?) compliance – make sure the people you are calling are not on the TPS list. Overall, the cost of making 1 hours worth of lead generation calls will be between £21 – £35 per hour.

Return on Investment

All this is fine if that within that hour you manage to find enough leads or make enough sales pay for the marketing activity, pay your service costs and still make a profit. However, unless the targeting and timings are right you won’t be talking to many people in that hour. Even less of those people will be interested in what the call centre agent has to say. Unless the data has some kind of propensity modelling attached. For example, people who recently bought a sink are likely to want taps. If you are just buying a ‘cold’ list and asking people if they want to install a £5k solar panel system, you might as well get your £3k test budget and throw it in the bin.

There is a place for Call Centre marketing but it is certainly not selling things to people. Call centres can offer flexible highly trained sales people that you wouldn’t normally be able to afford full-time. Setting appointments with businesses to discuss savings, or how you can make them money is where the old-fashioned outbound call centres now reside.

In Summary

Outbound call centre services are for you if you:

  • Are a B2B company with a great product that will save or make other companies money.
  • Need a hard sell.
  • Have a minimum of £3k per month marketing budget.
  • Can wait 3 months to see any results.
  • Don’t understand online marketing (we can help!!)

Online Marketing is for you if:

  • You don’t want to waste thousands of pounds every month.

Online marketing is essential for every business but especially suits small businesses looking to start or grow. Costs can start at £150 for a basic website + £250 marketing setup. Ongoing costs start from £150 per month + marketing budget.

Small businesses can generate more leads and grow without spending thousands of pounds a month. Get started with online marketing today. If you need some help, you can always email us, we’ll be happy to help.

Find out more

Based in SK8, just south of Manchester in the UK. Online Customer Solutions provide solutions to a range of business but specialise in helping small businesses grow.

Contact us today, we can advise and provide a range of services, from setting up a website to improving online marketing and conversions.

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Online Lead Generation for Small Businesses

Excluding referrals, Online Lead Generation is the most cost effective way of generating new sales for smaller businesses. For a relatively small budget, you can promote your products and services locally, nationally or even internationally.

Having an online presence is essential for all businesses and the sooner the better. You may already have a Facebook or social media presence, but a good website projects authority and expertise. There are ways to sell on social media but a website gives you much more functionality.

Lead generation is all about getting people interested in your products or services. The days of phoning people up and asking if they are interested are long gone. Apart from the fact that it just isn’t cost effective, 85% of land lines are now registered with the TPS, so can’t be called. People tend not to sit around waiting for a call if they need something.

The first thing people do is search the internet. Unless you appear on the front page of those search results, their business is going to go to one of your competitors.

What about the people that don’t know they want your products services?

For SME’s, traditional telemarketing and direct mail also falls down here. Telemarketing because less and less people are picking the phone up and it costs thousands a month. Direct mail, with the increasing mailing costs and people’s habit of just throwing junk mail in the bin, it takes a significant budget to get any kind of response. Even then, it is unlikely to generate a return on investment.

Online lead generation can help with this. Do you know what type of people are more likely to buy your products and services? If you do, then social media advertising (Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn etc) can display your adverts to these people in the locations that you specify. For example, you may be targeting new parents, Mums in the local area, Men over 40 etc.

Advantages of Online Lead Generation

  1. Have you business found by people looking for your products or services.
  2. Get your business in front of potential customers who don’t yet know that they need your service.
  3. Lower marketing spend.
  4. Control and transparency.

Find out more

Based South of Manchester in the UK, Online Customer Solutions provide solutions to a range of business, but specialise in helping small businesses grow.

Contact us today, we can advise and provide a range of services, from setting up a website, to improving online marketing and conversions.

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