Lead Generation – Call Centre v Online Marketing

Online Lead Generation Compared to a Traditional Outbound Call Centre.

Lead Generation

Online advertising, search engine optimisation, content marketing and social media. All these, used well, combine to raise awareness and place your online self in front of prospective customers at the right time in the right place.

Your online self can be a social media page or better still website. A good website projects authority and creates confidence. Social media is a great way to get the word out or ask for recommendations. Pointing people to your website means they can buy directly from you. There are now add-ins to some social media sites to support e-commerce, for general overall confidence, people still like to have a look round an online website and read some testimonials/reviews. Especially if they have never bought from you before.

Pay Per Click

Online advertising, or pay per click, can be effective when you are selling a product or service and know what people are going to be typing into search for. If you set your PPC campaign up correctly when people search in Google for ‘exercise class in Cheadle’ then you advert will appear at the top of the search results, and you pay when people click on the advert and get sent to your website. A good website will then funnel the potential customer through the sales or sign-up process, resulting in a conversion. Although you can’t win them all!

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has the same objectives but without the cost per click. If you can use online and offline SEO to demonstrate to Google that you are an expert and a trusted authority when it comes to ‘exercise classes in Cheadle’ then they will display your website metadata high up in the search results meaning you get more visits.

Costs are variable depending on what type of website you need, how many customers you are looking to attract. What the industry conversions are typically like and the level of competition in your chosen field. Digital agencies can offer a fully bespoke solution with a price tag to match. Small businesses looking to generate more leads from online marketing can start with a relatively small budget, c£150 – £500 for a website. Depending on the marketing budgets, solutions can be found starting at £250 to set up and £150 per month to run a marketing campaign. A good agency will give you a month free marketing to see what kind of results can be generated.

Outbound Call Centres.

Outbound Call Centre’s have had a tough time since the acceleration of the internet. People rarely wait around for the phone to ring when they want an insurance quote / a new boiler / solar panels.

Over 85% of landlines are now registered with the Telephone Preference Service, so the more reputable call centre’s won’t be contacting a huge percentage of the market. Calling mobiles can be expensive and the contact rate is very low. People screen calls from numbers they don’t recognise.

Then there is the cost. A typical call centre will have agent time (per hour), telephony costs, admin, pensions, tax, overheads, bonus payments. Add on to this the cost of the data (who are you going to call?) compliance – make sure the people you are calling are not on the TPS list. Overall, the cost of making 1 hours worth of lead generation calls will be between £21 – £35 per hour.

Return on Investment

All this is fine if that within that hour you manage to find enough leads or make enough sales pay for the marketing activity, pay your service costs and still make a profit. However, unless the targeting and timings are right you won’t be talking to many people in that hour. Even less of those people will be interested in what the call centre agent has to say. Unless the data has some kind of propensity modelling attached. For example, people who recently bought a sink are likely to want taps. If you are just buying a ‘cold’ list and asking people if they want to install a £5k solar panel system, you might as well get your £3k test budget and throw it in the bin.

There is a place for Call Centre marketing but it is certainly not selling things to people. Call centres can offer flexible highly trained sales people that you wouldn’t normally be able to afford full-time. Setting appointments with businesses to discuss savings, or how you can make them money is where the old-fashioned outbound call centres now reside.

In Summary

Outbound call centre services are for you if you:

  • Are a B2B company with a great product that will save or make other companies money.
  • Need a hard sell.
  • Have a minimum of £3k per month marketing budget.
  • Can wait 3 months to see any results.
  • Don’t understand online marketing (we can help!!)

Online Marketing is for you if:

  • You don’t want to waste thousands of pounds every month.

Online marketing is essential for every business but especially suits small businesses looking to start or grow. Costs can start at £150 for a basic website + £250 marketing setup. Ongoing costs start from £150 per month + marketing budget.

Small businesses can generate more leads and grow without spending thousands of pounds a month. Get started with online marketing today. If you need some help, you can always email us, we’ll be happy to help. info@onlinecustomersolutions.com.

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Based in SK8, just south of Manchester in the UK. Online Customer Solutions provide solutions to a range of business but specialise in helping small businesses grow.

Contact us today, we can advise and provide a range of services, from setting up a website to improving online marketing and conversions.

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Online Lead Generation – Help Customers Find You!

Increase Sales with Online Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation Image
Online Lead Generation in Manchester

Generate Business Leads with an effective Online Lead Generation Strategy.

Here we discuss the options and measures available when developing an effective online lead generation strategy. Help people looking for your products or services find your company.

Lead Generation via Paid Search

Getting your brand in front of the right people at the right time is key to growing your business. But it comes at a cost and you can very quickly waste a lot of your budget working out how it all works. See our article about negative keywords.

Website Design needed to support Lead Generation

Your customers want a simple intuitive user experience (UX), but this doesn’t have to cost the earth. Instead of spending money on expensive agency designers (although there often good reasons why you should!) you can save money by customising templates or using open source solutions.

Data-driven Lead Generation

If you already have a database of previous customers, analysis of it can identify trends and demographics that point the way to growing your business.

Content Lead Generation

There is no doubt that adding new fresh content to your website or social media accounts proves that you are active in your marketplace. This, in turn, leads to awareness, trust and eventually, to purchase.

Generate Leads via Search Engine Optimisation

Developing high quality, unique content will prove to Google that you are a trusted authority on a subject and that you deserve to be high up in the search results when people are looking for your service or product. The are over 200 elements to good search engine optimisation. Not even people at Google know what they all are. So be careful about people who claim to be experts and cost a fortune. All the best people can do is stack the deck in your favour. The objectives are always going to be to generate leads. Coming on the front page for a search term no one ever uses, or doesn’t visit into sales is not worth anything.

Social Media Lead Generation

An active social media presence can engage with both your customers and potential customers. People trust companies that take feedback seriously. It’s also a great way to spread ‘word of mouth’ endorsements. Ask for reviews and put them on your website. Make sure you don’t forget about Google+!

Local Online Lead Generation

The most important thing you can do starting off is to make sure your business is listed with Google Business. Create and account and Fill in the form. Add as much information about you and your service as possible. Google will send a postcard to your business address with a code on to verify that you are actually at that address. Complete the verification process and you will start to appear in the local search results when people are looking for your services.

Video Lead Generation

Start a youtube channel and make videos about your service; how are your products made? People are more engaged with videos than ever before.

Essential to Lead Generation Improvement: Measure Conversion Rate

Measuring the conversion rate of your visitors is the first step to improving it. Understand where your visitors are coming from and make the best use of your online marketing budget and deliver valuable lead generation campaigns. You landing page and website need to be optimised to funnel visitors to make an enquiry or purchase.

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Based just south of Manchester in the UK, Online Customer Solutions provide solutions to a range of business but specialise in helping businesses grow.

Contact us today, we can advise and provide a range of services, from setting up a website, to improving online marketing and conversions.

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