Website Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips

Actionable Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate.

Optimising your website conversion rate (CRO) benefits all your marketing channels at once, whether that’s AdWords PPC, SEO or content marketing. Take the opportunity to improve performance across the board and spend some time implementing some, or all, of the below tips.

Website Conversion Rate: Set Expectations Early

Advert text – or calls to action on any channel – help manage the expectations of visitors. For example, mention the price of your product or service, if someone is looking for a free resource, then they are likely not going to click on your advert. Conversely, if you are offering something for free (a trial maybe) make full use of it in your ad text! Remember to also measure your ad performance by conversion to impression, this will show you how effective your ads are to people that see them, not just click on them (although featuring below the fold may count as an impression even though the user doesn’t actually see it!

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Page Optimisation: Website Conversion Rate

Landing pages play a substantial role in conversion rate and so provide the biggest opportunities for improvement.

Your conversion actions need organising into a structure. Lead the customer through the journey to completion. For example, step one could be signing up for a newsletter, step 2 registering for a free trial and step 3 subscribing to a paid membership.

Consider what your primary goal is for each page. Do you want to inform, gain subscribers get a call or request a demo? Early visitors won’t want to jump to the end of the cycle and sign-up there and then. Provide micro-goals which move then along and engage with you – continue to provide useful content.

Determine which goal is most relevant to your page objective and prioritise accordingly.

Landing page layouts should emphasise the calls-to-action (CTAs) near the top of the page. Keep it simple. Highlight the benefits completing the action will bring, for example, sign up now for 10% off your first order.

Test all devices. Make sure the page looks great, is relevant to the advert or link, shouts about the benefits and sets the customer off on the next stage of the journey.

B2B v B2C – Desktop v Mobile ?

It isn’t really as simple as all that, but it is a good guide. For AdWords, you can at the least you can increase or decrease bids based on device and time of day. Although there are plenty of business owners that do research at 9 pm on their mobile phone!

B2B Adwords schedule and device settings weighted towards B2B customers:

B2B PPC schedule and device
B2B adwords schedule

Establish credibility and develop trust.

When visitors arrive at your site, they have no reason to trust you beyond your word. Trust symbols can help give them peace of mind. There are plenty of ways to impart trustworthiness, for example, testimonials, references, guarantees.

Design can also play a part in visitors trusting a site. A modern, clean good-looking website portrays more credibility than an outdated site. Secure payment options are essential for e-commerce.

Know your audience

If you are supplying a specific audience, use language they are going to relate to. Write content in a way that is most meaningful to your audience. If you aren’t sure how to do this, start by writing with them in mind. After it’s written, read it and make sure these questions are easy to answer from the consumer’s standpoint:

  • Is this relevant?
  • Does this help me?
  • What do I do next?

Website Experience

Is it easy to navigate, does it load fast and does it look good? Slow load times can lead to a frustrating user experience.

Continually Test

Call-to-actions, customer journey, offers, incentives, layout – everything needs refining almost all the time.

Customer Onboarding

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It’s called a buying cycle for a reason. If the customer has had a good experience and purchased; make it easy for them to endorse you to their network. There are often immediate opportunities to upsell, cross-sell or continue engagement through newsletters and social media.

The information you have about the customer can help you provide recommendations about complementary products or services. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide them with suggestions while they are in the buying mode – Amazon are the masters at this!

Invite them to follow your social channels, encourage them to share content, engage them with user-generated content, share your blog or tips etc.

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Increase Website Conversion

To find out how to increase website conversion you need to measure a number of variables.

Obviously, you need a strong website with a good sales funnel and a strong call to action. It’s essential that you are capturing visitors attention within the first 15 seconds and guiding them to what they are looking for. Assuming your site does all of this, then you need to look at the next step. (If you suspect it doesn’t then Online Customer Solutions can help you increase your website conversion!).

You might be seeing hundreds of visitors a day but delivering few sales. This might be nothing at all to do with your site, but what people might be looking for. So you need to know what that is!

This is where Analytics comes into its own, how are people reaching your site, are you advertising on or offline? What search terms, or which sites, are people coming from. You could be wasting your marketing budget attracting the wrong people. If you refined your online marketing, you’d end up with fewer visitors, but more sales – increasing your website conversion and maximising sales.

There is obviously more to it than that, but it’s a start.

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