Innovative Digital Marketing Ideas for SME’s

Need a new way to reach more customers? Try out some of these innovative digital marketing ideas.

The digital marketing sector is innovating at a tremendous pace. New and interesting marketing techniques are being developed to reach out, engage with and attract new customers. Small businesses now have a new list of tools available to increase sales and grow their business.

Innovative Digital Marketing: Video Marketing – Live Video

This year video, and especially live video, is going to be a part of many digital marketing strategies. Facebook Live, Instagram, Periscope and twitter will allow you to reach new and existing customers in a personal, eye-catching and memorable way.

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With live, unlike recorded, there are no fancy edits. Your customers get a personal view of you, your business and how you can help them. Small businesses will be able to reach local, national and international customers. Special events, sales, charity days, sponsored events, partnerships, product creation, tips etc will all make great content. Live video and personal branding are worth taking very seriously and are easy to implement and promote.

Innovative Digital Marketing: Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing focuses on using “thought leaders” to magnify your brand to a larger market. Rather than marketing directly via PPC or social media, you pay influencers to get out the word for you.

At the top end, there are football players, socialites and tv personalities. But influencer marketing doesn’t have to be the top end. It can deliver a great rate of return when stacked up against other forms of online marketing.

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It all depends on your product and service and who you are trying to reach. As will most online digital marketing, it’s about understanding your customers, who they are and where they spend their time online (i.e. who do they follow, like, linked-in to).

Finding “micro-influencers”, people with smaller followings that align with your brand can deliver amazing results. For starters they are more affordable than big stars, also, they are trying to increase their network, so they will be genuine in trying to help you and attract more interest.

Existing Customers are Micro-Influencers

If you think about it, people who review your site, service or products are already micro-influencers. Make sure you continue to ask your customers for reviews on social media.

Niche and trade sites are important because they tend to attract more engaged audiences. The same idea applies to influencer marketing. A high (and growing) number of people will follow a micro influencers recommendation. You need more brand advocates!

Don’t write off micro-influencers and focus too much on seeking out the most influential people in their areas. Some of the best influencer marketing strategies include a variety of smaller influencers who don’t let ego get in the way. As long as you work with a variety of people and place an emphasis on brand advocacy, micro-influencers can be extremely valuable.

Influencer marketing is growing at pace, there are already some agencies that will put you in touch with people suited to your brand, but make sure you do your research. It is worth reaching out to your local community. There is a chance that you can get some great results for free!

Innovative Digital Marketing: Facebook Advertising

Although not exactly new, the growth, potential and sophistication of Facebook advertising is eye opening. It is certainly worth starting small. It’s fairly easy to blow all your budget and achieve very little. It can take a bit of time to master Facebook ads and make your campaigns properly optimised. Make sure you refine your target audience, create impactful adverts with a strong proposition and call to action. (Call now, Find out more, Start here etc).

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In Conclusion: Innovative digital marketing

Search engine optimisation is being used more as a term for ‘digital marketing’ and less for including keywords in your HTML (although this is still important, no point making it hard!).

PPC, SEO, Content, Social, E-mail are all still essential parts of the digital marketing mix, but now we can include influencer, live video and social media PPC and they are going to be the future (until the next innovation – virtual / augmented reality ?)

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