Generate More Instructions with PPC For Estate Agents.

PPC for Estate agents – Optimising for New Instructions.

Generating new customer leads and instructions for people wanting an estate agent requires a holistic approach. PPC campaigns for Estate Agents should play a big part.


When people want to discuss selling their house, do they walk straight into a local estate agent? Or do they start their research online first? Even if it is to find out who the local agents are.

Have a look at the below screenshot for results from searching “Estate Agent in Cheadle” (we are an Online Marketing Company in Cheadle!)

ppc for estate agents
estate agent ppc search

PPC for Estate Agents: Competition

Competition is fairly strong, there are 7 paid Ad slots and the top is won by a national chain with a local presence. This advert is very good and tells us a lot about what your estate agency PPC campaign ad should contain.

  • The Ad contains a price and they use their brand recognised URL in the copy.
  • Their review rating is prominent.
  • Extensions – The call extension will undoubtedly be populated but isn’t triggered.
  • Site Links – Services, free valuation etc
  • URL extension – targeting people looking to sell (possibly filtering people looking for a house) and the location is also covered.
  • Call to action (and offer) – Book a free valuation

Site extensions enhance the relevance of the ads, so make sure they are optimised to the search queries you want to appear for.

I think the only thing I’d like to see (which could be in their portfolio) is mentioning the location in the headline (that the second results – another larger company – does do).

The third place ad is another national estate agent that is spending a lot of money on not just PPC advertising, but TV and traditional print. Their ad looks to play things simple with no extensions, fairly generic URL and a straight forward offer and action in the text. I suspect that it is the “estate agent” or “estate agent in” that could be triggering the Ad (there could be some work done listing all the towns in the UK to customise these Ads.).

Below the first 4 Ads are the 3 business listings, then the 10 organic estate agency results followed by another 3 Ads.

Which Estate Agents Need to Use PPC?

Being on the front page of Google is great, but if you have to get past 7 listings, even being #1 in the search results really makes you position 8! Every estate agent needs to consider supporting their traditional marketing efforts with a PPC campaign.

The more times a business features on the first page of the search results, the more this will enhance credibility and develop additional brand recognition.

Interestingly, in our PPC for estate agents example, none of the local estate agents – that feature high in the organic results – have an active PPC campaign. But the top PPC result also features in the SERPS (position 5). This combined approach is going to drive a lot of traffic that the local businesses are going to be missing out on.

Selling a house has very much the same considerations as many other services. How much does it cost to sell a house? What are the payment terms/guarantees? Is the service going to be good? Preferences on working with local versus national businesses.

Positive online reviews are essential and need to feature on the ads. All these elements (plus any USPs) need to feature in the ad creation.

Estate Agency PPC Keywords and Negative Keywords

As with many PPC campaigns, you’re not going to be focusing on people that are looking to purchase a house. Obviously, this is important, but sites like Rightmove, Zoopla are going to be the main driver for purchasing traffic. You’ll also be getting direct traffic from advertising boards.

So, positive keywords need to include “estate agent” / “letting agent” etc, include the locations that you operate across (making sure to include ‘near me’ and ‘local’). Also include queries such as, “how much does it cost to sell a house”, “sell my house” and words such as “best” and “top”.

As you are not going to be focusing on buyers with your Adwords campaign, you can exclude “buy”, “free”, “houses for sale” and undoubtedly much more.

ppc keywords estate agent
estate agency keywords


Location settings are the priority here but don’t discount mobile and time of day tests.

Competitor Bidding

PPC competitor bidding for estate agency seems especially relevant. Make sure your advertisement is displayed for searches for local competitors. This could sway people in your direction. Especially if you have a better offer!

This is a little more tricky as business searches are likely to also bring up the business listing. Click through rates and quality scores are likely to be low. But it is certainly worthy of a test or two.

Conversely, competitors may be bidding on your business name! Ensure that you are top of these results!

In Conclusion

Estate agency PPC campaigns should be fairly straight forward. Make sure you get the most from your spend and don’t waste your budget.

If PPC is working for the national businesses, then it can certainly work for you. You won’t be able to compete with national budgets, but you can on a local level with more focused ads and offers. Generate more instructions with a PPC campaign.

Get in contact now to discuss your estate agents PPC requirements.

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AdWords Daily Tasks – Improve PPC Performance

AdWords daily tasks we do to monitor and improve campaign performance.

PPC optimisation is a never ending task. Here are a few Adwords daily tasks we do most days to improve performance for ourselves, and our clients.


Review the search terms triggering adverts.

On the keywords page, there are three tabs at the top: Keywords, Search Terms and Negative Keywords. The search terms tab will display the keywords triggering your ads and being clicked – hence costing you money.

AdWords daily tasks - search terms
Search terms – Adwords daily tasks

You can use this report to identify negative keywords that you may have missed. You can also refine the match types for your keywords. This can make your bidding more competitive.

Review Ad performance

Keep an eye on your ad performance. Each group should be focussed on exactly what it is your landing page delivers. As a minimum, each group should have 3 adverts.

Review budget

If you are running out of budget you’ll be missing opportunities to reach new customers. If you are generating a good return on investment – based on your goal conversion reporting (!) – Then there should be no reason not to increase your budgets.

PPC Bidding

Being an auction, your competitors are constantly reviewing and altering how much a click is going to be worth to them. Although subjective, you don’t want to be outbid on a keyword that is generating your profit. Keep an eye out on position and bidding reporting to ensure you are getting the most out of your PPC budget. Similarly, if conversion drops off for any reason, you may want to reduce the amount you are bidding on some keywords.

Opportunities –  AdWords Daily Tasks.

Google has a nice feature that occasionally makes recommendations to improve your campaign performance. This usually takes the form of suggesting new keywords. Make sure you don’t just accept these without review. However good Googles AI is at identifying opportunities, their idea of customer intent is based on probability and past click through rate, and may not be suited to your campaign.

AdWords daily tasks: Scheduling/devices review

This isn’t an every day one, but every so often check-up on your scheduling and device split report. If one segment is converting better than another, you may want to weight your bidding to improve overall campaign performance.

Organic traffic report:  AdWords daily tasks

Use search console to identify search terms that are being used to find your website. If you don’t currently rank well for these terms, it could well be worth your time adding them into the AdWords campaign.

Conversion Stats / Trends

Conversion is king when it comes to AdWords PPC. Set up your goals and monitor everything that happens. Get to know which keyword, Ad, device, time of day, landing page etc convert your clicks into customers – and do more of it !

In Conclusion

Constantly keep updating your campaign with these AdWords daily tasks to get the most of you PPC budget.

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Digital Marketing on a Budget

How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

When starting digital marketing on a budget, you can spend as much or as little as you like. The key, obviously, is not wasting money on an activity that doesn’t work. So, you need to test each channel on a small(ish) scale and then focus on the ones that make a return.

With a limited budget, we recommend running a 2-week test on a combination of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter (depending on your audience and offer). This should yield enough visits per channel to measure conversion rates. This will guide the efforts over the next few months and onwards.

Video marketing on a budget
Innovative marketing ideas

Keyword Research

Google have a keyword planner tool that indicates the cost-per-click for relevant keywords (based on your site or product description). You also get an indication of the number of searches and competition.

Digital marketing on a budget

Digital marketing on a budget: Conversion Testing

Before advertising, you need to make sure that your website is working as expected and it can convert visitors into sales. So don’t spend anything in the first few weeks of going live with an updated site. Drive traffic with updates, emails, and a press release and closely monitor results by channel.

Drive traffic with updates, emails, and a press release and closely monitor results by channel.

Hopefully, everything will be working well by the end of the first month you will have a number of new sign-ups and the confidence to spend on advertising.

Set Targets and Understand the Objectives

Really understand your pitch, pricing and CPA targets. What are you offering? Who are you offering it to and why would they want it?

Set up Google analytics, conversion and campaign reporting. Also, closely monitor your website performance via search console.

Here is a list of things you should be focused on when starting digital marketing on a budget:

  • Source and manage great content.
  • Conversion and campaign reporting.
  • Set-up regular analytics reports and monitor performance (SEO).
  • Distribute content effectively.
  • Fix any search console errors.
  • Test all the digital marketing channels

In Conclusion

When starting off digital marketing on a budget, remember that conversion depends totally on aligning your proposition with the marketing and having an effective website/landing page that guides visitors to completion.

It could be that the CPC and conversion rates don’t allow for a return on investment. In which case you need to prioritise social and content marketing with longer term SEO.

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Search Engine Marketing and Adwords – Manchester

SEM, SEO, Websites and Google Adwords. Manchester Based Online Marketing Consultancy

Search Engine Marketing can be used as an umbrella term to encompass both SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and paid search activities. For example Google Adwords. Although some in the industry have adopted the SEM acronym to refer solely to paid search.

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The below activities all form part of Search Engine Marketing:

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. Appearing high up in the results for searches related to your company, services or product.
PPC (pay-per-click) – Advertising your company / product and paying when someone clicks on your advert. Ad Words being the most popular.
CPC (cost-per-click).
CPM – The cost you pay for your advert to be displayed to 1000 people.

Google Adwords – Paid Search Marketing

Google AdWords is by most measures the most popular paid search platform used by search marketers. Using Ad words and Analytics together provides insight and analysis. Measure your web traffic and marketing campaigns.

Online Marketing for Small or Home Based Companies.

In addition to Search Engine Marketing, the below are also otions for small and micro-businesses:

Social Media Marketing – if suitable, get on Facebook and recruit followers. Then start promoting your services.
Content Marketing – start a blog and create great content for people to find. (also helps SEO!)
Local Marketing – get reviews on your site, or (and this is essential) register your business with Google Business. Ask for reviews and remember to update it with images. Google+ also helps with SEO

Manchester based Search Engine Marketing company, Online Customer Solutions, help small businesses establish a web presence; refresh their current website and manage the digital marketing, including Google Adwords and other paid search.

Online Customer Solutions also support small and micro businesses in the Manchester area with Local Search advice, Social Media and Content Marketing.

OCS also provide generic IT advice and support, from purchasing to outsourcing and finance.

Find out more

Based in SK8, just south of Manchester in the UK, Online Customer Solutions provide Google Adwords and SEO solutions to a range of business, but specialise in helping small businesses grow.

Contact us today, we can advise and provide a range of services, from setting up a website, to improving online marketing and conversions.

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