How Not to Hire a PPC Specialist

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Don’t, whatever you do, try recruiting freelance PPC specialists on People Per Hour (other freelance sites may be better!).

Once ‘they’ have even the smallest bit of information, they’ll find your email, send friend requests, connect on Linkedin, tweet, post, Whatsapp and Skype you till you can take no more.

Then, they will then start again the next day.

This lasts 2 weeks – unless you fake your own death.

I’m sure these types of sites must work for some people or sectors, but not in my experience.


How to Hire a PPC Specialist

Quickly hire a PPC Specialist with the skills needed to help your business.

How to hire a PPC specialist. Even if you are already an experienced pay per click practitioner, you cannot assess how someone will impact your business by reading an email and asking a few questions.

Start by taking a look at your business and understanding the person or company that will be required for the job. What tasks need to be completed daily, weekly or monthly?


If your business is in need of speed and growth, you simply cannot afford to hire someone who hasn’t been through that; a PPC specialist from a local digital agency won’t have the general business experience. You need someone that understands how to deliver a plan of experiments at scale and execute them quickly. Any learning curve will be expensive!

If you are looking for someone to play an integral part of your business, you need someone who is a better public speaker in addition to having technical PPC knowledge. Identifying, creating and explaining reports could also be key requirements.

Hire a PPC specialist – Analysing a report.

Provide your potential PPC specialist with a report – this should contain channels, Impressions, CTR, CPC, Clicks, Spend and conversions. Ask for recommendations based on the data. This report could be fictional, but it would be much more useful if it were at least based in fact.

Ideally, your PPC specialist will mention concepts like:

  • What are the business goals?
  • Which channels are being tested?
  • What are the primary KPIs, lifetime value and ROI targets?
  • Efficient budget allocations. What are the budgets?
  • Prospecting v retargeting balance.
  • What are the targeting options and how are the campaigns organised?

The report is a starting point and will allow them to show you how they think and make decisions.

Also, consider having a couple of odd results in the report, like one channel conversion being 0% and another being 50%. Totals that don’t add up our multiple exact counts. They should at least mention that the report looks unusual.

PPC Specialist Hiring- Business Market Awareness.

Ask your PPC specialist to carry out some competitor analysis. Candidates who know to follow competitor brands, engage with posts, or even go to their site and get into a retargeting pool is the one to look out for!

An AdWords PPC specialist should be able to not only have an understanding of keywords competitors might be using but also have a feel for how each brand positions themselves. Ask your potential PPC hire to evaluate the search landscape. This should include estimated CPCs, top keywords, ad extension ideas and copy competitors are using, what recommendations can they make?

This should include estimated CPCs, top keywords, ad extension ideas and copy competitors are using, what recommendations can they make?

In addition to understanding what a PPC specialist can offer, you are also provided with some valuable perspective that can further inform your decisions.

PPC Review and Recommendations

Grant read-only Google Analytics access to your potential PPC specialist and share your most recent budgets. This will allow your PPC specialist to review and recommend real life changes. A candidate who can identify areas where you are overspending or underspend — as well as new opportunities for tests — is one worth employing.

Some organizations are looking for someone to just conduct daily maintenance. But many others need someone to optimize and then scale quickly so you need to evaluate more than just PPC knowledge. General business skills, like budget allocation and return on investment, are crucial to the position.

Hiring a PPC Specialist

Hiring PPC specialist can be easy and insightful. Don’t take risks paying fees or salaries without knowing exactly what you are going to get.


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We adopt a transparent approach with any digital marketing campaign, starting every operation with a test period, which involves a lower scale start-up, experimenting with different elements of the digital strategy.

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