Generate More Instructions with PPC For Estate Agents.

PPC for Estate agents – Optimising for New Instructions.

Generating new customer leads and instructions for people wanting an estate agent requires a holistic approach. PPC campaigns for Estate Agents should play a big part.


When people want to discuss selling their house, do they walk straight into a local estate agent? Or do they start their research online first? Even if it is to find out who the local agents are.

Have a look at the below screenshot for results from searching “Estate Agent in Cheadle” (we are an Online Marketing Company in Cheadle!)

ppc for estate agents
estate agent ppc search

PPC for Estate Agents: Competition

Competition is fairly strong, there are 7 paid Ad slots and the top is won by a national chain with a local presence. This advert is very good and tells us a lot about what your estate agency PPC campaign ad should contain.

  • The Ad contains a price and they use their brand recognised URL in the copy.
  • Their review rating is prominent.
  • Extensions – The call extension will undoubtedly be populated but isn’t triggered.
  • Site Links – Services, free valuation etc
  • URL extension – targeting people looking to sell (possibly filtering people looking for a house) and the location is also covered.
  • Call to action (and offer) – Book a free valuation

Site extensions enhance the relevance of the ads, so make sure they are optimised to the search queries you want to appear for.

I think the only thing I’d like to see (which could be in their portfolio) is mentioning the location in the headline (that the second results – another larger company – does do).

The third place ad is another national estate agent that is spending a lot of money on not just PPC advertising, but TV and traditional print. Their ad looks to play things simple with no extensions, fairly generic URL and a straight forward offer and action in the text. I suspect that it is the “estate agent” or “estate agent in” that could be triggering the Ad (there could be some work done listing all the towns in the UK to customise these Ads.).

Below the first 4 Ads are the 3 business listings, then the 10 organic estate agency results followed by another 3 Ads.

Which Estate Agents Need to Use PPC?

Being on the front page of Google is great, but if you have to get past 7 listings, even being #1 in the search results really makes you position 8! Every estate agent needs to consider supporting their traditional marketing efforts with a PPC campaign.

The more times a business features on the first page of the search results, the more this will enhance credibility and develop additional brand recognition.

Interestingly, in our PPC for estate agents example, none of the local estate agents – that feature high in the organic results – have an active PPC campaign. But the top PPC result also features in the SERPS (position 5). This combined approach is going to drive a lot of traffic that the local businesses are going to be missing out on.

Selling a house has very much the same considerations as many other services. How much does it cost to sell a house? What are the payment terms/guarantees? Is the service going to be good? Preferences on working with local versus national businesses.

Positive online reviews are essential and need to feature on the ads. All these elements (plus any USPs) need to feature in the ad creation.

Estate Agency PPC Keywords and Negative Keywords

As with many PPC campaigns, you’re not going to be focusing on people that are looking to purchase a house. Obviously, this is important, but sites like Rightmove, Zoopla are going to be the main driver for purchasing traffic. You’ll also be getting direct traffic from advertising boards.

So, positive keywords need to include “estate agent” / “letting agent” etc, include the locations that you operate across (making sure to include ‘near me’ and ‘local’). Also include queries such as, “how much does it cost to sell a house”, “sell my house” and words such as “best” and “top”.

As you are not going to be focusing on buyers with your Adwords campaign, you can exclude “buy”, “free”, “houses for sale” and undoubtedly much more.

ppc keywords estate agent
estate agency keywords


Location settings are the priority here but don’t discount mobile and time of day tests.

Competitor Bidding

PPC competitor bidding for estate agency seems especially relevant. Make sure your advertisement is displayed for searches for local competitors. This could sway people in your direction. Especially if you have a better offer!

This is a little more tricky as business searches are likely to also bring up the business listing. Click through rates and quality scores are likely to be low. But it is certainly worthy of a test or two.

Conversely, competitors may be bidding on your business name! Ensure that you are top of these results!

In Conclusion

Estate agency PPC campaigns should be fairly straight forward. Make sure you get the most from your spend and don’t waste your budget.

If PPC is working for the national businesses, then it can certainly work for you. You won’t be able to compete with national budgets, but you can on a local level with more focused ads and offers. Generate more instructions with a PPC campaign.

Get in contact now to discuss your estate agents PPC requirements.

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Understanding Customer Intent is Crucial to Online Marketing

Websites, Online Marketing and Customer Intent.

Ideally, before you had your website developed, you researched how your potential new customers would find you. What would they be looking for, what would they type into the search engines and how you can demonstrate that people should buy from you.

Your website is the first stage in online marketing. “If you build it, they will come” may work in Hollywood, but it doesn’t work with websites. You need to market your website online and understand customer intent.

If you need any help with online marketing, feel free to fill out our contact form here.

Customer Intent

Search engines are putting a lot of effort into working out what people mean when they type words into a search box. AI, or artificial intelligence, is being refined to help search engines understand what people want, and help them find it.

Online marketing to find new customers is all about delivering the service or product that people are looking for. In a previous role, we ran a marketing company which had a call centre. To promote our services we advertised on google with many keywords, but one of them was “Manchester Lead Generation”. Now, consider why people might be searching for “Manchester Lead Generation”.

In a perfect world, everyone would be looking for a Manchester Lead Generation company to purchase services from them. This was rarely the case. (Before going on, I must first mention that we did refine our PPC campaigns so our adverts only appeared to people looking to buy!).

Initially many visitors to the site were looking for a job in a Manchester lead generation company. Others were looking to sell services, for example, utility companies.

Understanding that users typing words into search engines all have very different intentions saves you money. If you can identify people who are looking to buy from you, and not sell to you or work for you, then you won’t be wasting time or budget.

Social Media and Customer Intent

Most towns and villages at least have a facebook group that you can join.

Ensure that your business social media pages are ‘optimised’. This just means that they need to simply and clearly outline what you do or sell. Include keywords so people can quickly identify what you do. Once this is done, you can join the conversation and raise your business profile.

By being clear about what you offer, you’ll get visits from customers whose intentions are better aligned to what you offer.

Customer Intent and PPC

Ideally, your website will be nicely optimised and when people type in what they are looking for, your website will appear at the top of the results and you are getting lots of relevant visits.

If it’s a new website, then this is likely to take a bit of time. You may want to consider pay per click advertising.

PPC advertising is where you create adverts for your business, and when people search for something that you can deliver, you bid to have your advertisement shown to them alongside the other ‘natural’ search results.

If your advert is relevant to what people are searching for (your quality score), and your bid is higher than your competitors, your advert will be shown to the people searching and hopefully, they click on your ad. This then takes them to your website and you pay the PPC engine a fee. There are a wealth of options and variables to consider when setting up online marketing to find new customers (see our other articles, especially the one about negative keywords).

With Facebook, you can set-up your business page and promote it to the people who are likely to buy from you. If you are a child care provider, you may want to target working parents whose child is over 1.

When Online Marketing

  • Understand Customer Intent.
  • Monitor and report on internet traffic and conversion rates (be sure to split out your marketing channels).
  • Keep testing different strategies.
  • Keep your website regularly updated with fresh original content and share it online with blogs and social media.

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Based close to Manchester and Liverpool in the UK, Online Customer Solutions specialise in helping businesses grow.

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Find New Customers

Every small and medium size business needs to find new customers. Online Customer Solutions (OCS) aims to help businesses grow.

People like websites because they solve a problem. Provide a service or product they are looking for. Customers buy from websites because they are  authoritative, trustworthy and expert and provide a positive user experience.

Finding new customers starts with a review of your own website and ensuring that any marketing you do isn’t wasted. Once you are certain that you have a value proposition, you can work on getting new customers to your site.

OCS can help setting up an online marketing strategy or refining keywords and negative keywords to make sure the campaigns are targeting the right people at the right time.

Measuring the marketing is essential to keeping costs down and return in investment up. If you haven’t already setup Analytics, especially to monitor Events and Goals, Online Customer Solutions can set this up. Reports can be scheduled and emails so you can keep an eye on the key performance indicators. You can only improve something if you measure it!

Find New Customers

Located just south of Manchester in the UK, OCS provide solutions to a range of business, but specialise in helping small businesses grow.

Online Customer Solutions helps with your online marketing to increase visits and sales. We can also setup your new website or update your existing one.

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Located just south of Manchester in the UK, Online Customer Solutions provide solutions to a range of business, but specialise in helping small businesses grow.

Contact us today, we can advise and provide a range of services, from setting up a website, to improving online marketing and conversions.

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