Digital Marketing on a Budget

How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

When starting digital marketing on a budget, you can spend as much or as little as you like. The key, obviously, is not wasting money on an activity that doesn’t work. So, you need to test each channel on a small(ish) scale and then focus on the ones that make a return.

With a limited budget, we recommend running a 2-week test on a combination of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter (depending on your audience and offer). This should yield enough visits per channel to measure conversion rates. This will guide the efforts over the next few months and onwards.

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Keyword Research

Google have a keyword planner tool that indicates the cost-per-click for relevant keywords (based on your site or product description). You also get an indication of the number of searches and competition.

Digital marketing on a budget

Digital marketing on a budget: Conversion Testing

Before advertising, you need to make sure that your website is working as expected and it can convert visitors into sales. So don’t spend anything in the first few weeks of going live with an updated site. Drive traffic with updates, emails, and a press release and closely monitor results by channel.

Drive traffic with updates, emails, and a press release and closely monitor results by channel.

Hopefully, everything will be working well by the end of the first month you will have a number of new sign-ups and the confidence to spend on advertising.

Set Targets and Understand the Objectives

Really understand your pitch, pricing and CPA targets. What are you offering? Who are you offering it to and why would they want it?

Set up Google analytics, conversion and campaign reporting. Also, closely monitor your website performance via search console.

Here is a list of things you should be focused on when starting digital marketing on a budget:

  • Source and manage great content.
  • Conversion and campaign reporting.
  • Set-up regular analytics reports and monitor performance (SEO).
  • Distribute content effectively.
  • Fix any search console errors.
  • Test all the digital marketing channels

In Conclusion

When starting off digital marketing on a budget, remember that conversion depends totally on aligning your proposition with the marketing and having an effective website/landing page that guides visitors to completion.

It could be that the CPC and conversion rates don’t allow for a return on investment. In which case you need to prioritise social and content marketing with longer term SEO.

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Online Advertising Help and Advice

Get Help Promoting Your Business via Online Advertising.

Internet or online advertising comes in a variety of forms. Which is best for you and your business depends on your circumstances.

There are PPC platforms, which include Google, Facebook, Bing and LinkedIn. If you are selling products or services to businesses, then you want to have a look at LinkedIn. There are a number of stages that you need to set up first in order to start advertising on LinkedIn.


There are a number of stages that you need to set up first in order to start advertising on LinkedIn. In summary, you’ll need a well-optimised profile, a business page, join some groups, build your network and start writing great content that you can put in front of prospective clients.

To find out more about advertising on any of the platforms mentioned in this article, please contact us using this form.

Online Advertising Help: Google

Google’s all-conquering advertising platform reaches far more people than any other. Billions of searches per day mean a lot of people looking for things.

Search Ads

The most important thing when starting off online advertising is that you don’t want to waste your budget. Read these articles about Negative keywords and customer intent.

Basically, you want to only target customers that are going to be interested in visiting your website, either for knowledge, services or products. Attracting people that are not interested are just going to cost you money.

Display Ads

Unless you have detailed experience of online advertising platforms, I would avoid display advertising at all costs. There are many sites in the world that have been set up just to display adverts. Many are legitimate offering help and advice hoping that you will buy from them, and if not you may find one of the adverts helpful.

There are a lot of sites that partner with other networks in order to generate revenue via fake ‘clicks’. Google does a great job removing a lot of automated click-bots. But often these networks employ very low paid people to manually click the adverts several times a day, across hundreds of sites. IP Address blocking doesn’t work because there are ways around that. Whatever Google does to stop them it doesn’t completely solve the problem.

There are circumstances when display advertising is applicable, for example raising awareness. If you do do it, advertise on specific sites, never by interest. Avoid advertising on Apps (unless you have a similar App to sell) and monitor (like a hawk) your conversion, bounce rate and budget!

Online Advertising Help: Bing (Microsoft)

Bing is very similar to Google’s advertising platform. It is so similar in fact that we wouldn’t be surprised if MS had asked Google for a copy a few years ago. If there isn’t some kind of partnership we are not sure why Google hasn’t sued the legs off them.

As with Google, your adverts and your landing page will need to be relevant. This will result in good quality scores.

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Online Advertising Help: Facebook

The big advantage that Facebook has over Google and Microsoft (at the moment) is that they know a lot about their users. This means you can target by demographics. If you have a product or service that is likely to be of interest to certain people, then Facebook is the way to go.

You can target by location, age, interests, whether they are parents, how old the children are, what films they like, big life events etc. The list is very large. Like LinkedIn you need to set up a business page and start promoting it. After that, it is targeting right people with the right message and call to action!

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There are many other advertising platforms that could offer the right service, but for many, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn will cover most needs.

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