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Find new dental customers using these tips – PPC for Dentists and Dental Practices.

In this post, we are going to assume that, as a dentist and practice owner, you are looking to attract more private paying customers. So, relevant services range from teeth whitening and gum shields up to implants, braces and reconstruction work.

This is important because it will dictate your target keywords, but almost more importantly your negative keywords. Straight away we can add “NHS”,”free”,”emergency”, “hospital” and “kit” to the list of negative keywords.



Depending on your target service, include long phrase exact match keywords for example: [dental implant specialist], [professional teeth whitening]. Use the keyword planner to uncover more keywords applicable to your dental practice. Ideally, your website will have good content for each service and a strong call to action. For example: “Call us now for a free consultation”.

People searching for prices is usually an indicator of intent to buy – “How much is a gum shield” could be a good keyword depending on the bid price and conversion.

Your practice may operate a dental plan so people can spread the cost of their treatment – this should provide you with another few ad groups to promote.

PPC for Dentists: Ad Text

Ad text is something that requires creating, testing, measuring and refining. As a general rule, numbers work well in headlines, how many years experience do you have? Can you include any prices or offers? Try to reflect what is triggering the Ads in the copy. For example mention implants if that is the ad group your ad is for. Have a strong call to action – Call Now or Find out More!. Link to the correct most relevant page on your website (which should have a phone number, contact form or email address).

Dentist AdWords Sitelink Settings

As any other PPC campaign, fill in as many as the site link options as you can. Absolutely essential are the location and call links.

Location Settings: PPC for Dental Practices

Another assumption is that you are not a mobile dentist, but you could have multiple practices. To make full use of the location targeting settings, set up a campaign for each practice. This will enable you to customise ads to each local area.

Dental PPC: Measuring Conversion

If you don’t measure your dental AdWords campaign, you aren’t going to know what is working. You can track calls, form completions and more. Ensure you have Analytics installed on your website!

In Conclusion

Although very local, PPC for dentists can work to drive higher value enquiries, just be ready to convert into consultations and new clients. If you can, install chat software on your website and train your receptionists on how to use it. This is becoming a more popular way of communicating over the internet.

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