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As well as providing outsourced AdWords set up and management, Manchester based Online Customer Solutions can also help your in-house team manage a PPC campaign.

Managing PPC campaigns need not be complicated, but it does take time (which is why many businesses outsource it!). Our Adwords training is perfect if you have a someone who is IT literate, understands about return on investment, has a logical mindset and a spare couple of hours a day (depending on your campaign size).

Bare in mind though, PPC management is an ongoing process (see AdWords Account Management Services). If you are just looking for it to generate the occasional new lead, then fine, but if you are looking for PPC to power your business, then outsourcing (see Manchester Adwords Certified Partner) – or employing a full-time resource (£18k+) will be the best option.

Even the smallest PPC campaign should be checked daily. If your in-house resource is likely to start prioritising other tasks and let it slip, then you’ll either be missing opportunities or wasting budget.

AdWords Training

As certified Google AdWords professionals, we can help train your in-house team to be able to optimise PPC campaigns and increase results (increase sales and/or reduce cost).

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Adwords Training from a Google Certified Partner

The best way to do learn PPC is side by side. Training is informal and takes place in the client’s premises; using the clients AdWords account (or we set one up from scratch!). This way we can uncover real life relevant opportunities and demonstrate how exactly it is done. It is also a very cost efficient way of getting some PPC consultancy as well as training!

We cover the below areas and, at the end of the course, we produce some bespoke guide notes tailored for each client to help them get the most out of the AdWords PPC platform.

Courses are set over 2 days (10 hours) but we can be flexible and fit around most clients time constraints.

Areas Covered by Our AdWords Training

  • Reviewing the objectives and setting up goals.
  • Campaign structure – Display v Search.
  • Keyword selection.
  • Negative keywords.
  • Ad text.
  • Sitelinks.
  • Targeting.
  • AB testing.
  • Reporting.
  • Remarketing.
  • Ongoing management tasks.

Additional optional areas include

  • AdWords Editor.
  • Shopping listing.
  • Video Ads.
  • E-commerce conversion.
  • Analytics.
  • Search Console.

Adwords Training Cost

The cost for the training is £350 per person which includes the customised guide notes (supplied electronically).

We’ll need access to the AdWords account, a meeting room (or training can be done at a desk if it isn’t going to disturb normal business activity), and 10 hours availability.

Please contact us today and get started with our AdWords Training Plan.

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