Online Lead Generation for Accountants

Online Lead Generation for Accountants

Effective Online Lead Generation for Accountants

Online Customer Solutions specialise in online lead generation for accountants and other professional service companies. Most accountants will have tried traditional contact centre lead generation with limited success. We work with accountants to optimise their websites and develop effective online lead generation campaigns. This results in a regular flow of inbound high-quality appointments.

How is a Lead Generated?

Online leads are generated from visits to your website. These are as a result of good search engine visibility. Read more about SEO for accountants here. Obviously, your website need to have a good call to action and contact options!

Potential clients searching for accountancy services will be able to find your practice more easily. Your website will rank higher on the search engines for the relevant keywords.

Businesses need to appear on the first page of search results. Not appearing for keywords that accurately reflect your services means you are losing business.

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Traditional Lead Generation for Accountants

Most accountancy practices want to grow. Generating more sales is is still one of the most difficult parts of running a business. Gone are the days of £35 per hour appointment setting services from traditional call centres. People are just not interested in picking up the phone to cold calls asking if they want a new accountant.

Even if you have the best, most innovative service that helps people get a rebate on their business property investments, R&D tax credits or better tax advice. Just getting through to the right person is very difficult. It is now much more cost effective to use online marketing to target your perfect client, raise awareness and generate inbound leads.

A contact centre’s modus operandi is to buy a list of data and call their way through it. There is little to no research involved. Even the very best contact centres, that want to do research, find the data is not readily available to do half decent profiling. It is possible to do, but it is hard, time consuming and not cost effective. The results of your marketing campaign are primarily down to luck.

And, if you manage to be sent any appointments, the quality is likely to be low. The person setting the appointment will know next to nothing about your firm and services. All they want it to get someone to say YES!

Modern Online Marketing for Accountants

effective online lead generation planning
leads generation for accountants

The advantage online lead generation has over traditional marketing is that it is transparent. You get conversion rates and a complete view of return on investment. It can also be considerably cost effective.

Many accountants will have dabbled with online lead generation. It does take some time, but it is essential to achieve effective growth for accountants. There is a lot of planning and research that needs to go into an online lead generation campaign. Just to begin, factors such as the below need to be taken into account:

  • Keyword research
  • Customer intent
  • Authority
  • Relevance
  • Website structure
  • Mobility
  • Speed

This list is not exhaustive. Just for SEO alone, there are over 200 factors that will affect your website performance (and no-one knows them all). Over time, a good well-optimised website and online marketing campaign will result in more web traffic and an increase in the number of appointments.

And we are still yet to mention: Social Media, Content Marketing, Local Marketing and Customer Reviews. All of which play a critical role in online lead generation for accountants.

There are many tools available to measure the success of your online marketing and SEO campaigns. To understand website performance, the below (just for starters) need to be understood:

  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Console
  • Keyword Planner
  • Google My Business
  • LinkedIn Company Pages

And then there is PPC (pay per click) marketing that is dominated by Google Adwords, but LinkedIn becomes relevant when talking lead generation for accountants.

Who are your Customers?

Online marketing is about demand generation, inbound marketing or better still content marketing. Focus should be on demonstrating your expertise on a subject and how it can solve problems that your clients are likely to have. Offering a free audit or consultation, getting prospects to subscribe to your blog and keeping the content relevant and insightful is all essential to good online marketing.

If your clients are small businesses, focus on what their challenges are and how you can help them find value in your services. Likewise, if your clients are specialist industries like farming or construction. Focus on each one, outline their challenges (showing that you understand them) and map their needs to your services.

Create great regular content and shout about it!

Networking (in the Online World)

Social media and LinkedIn especially is a great way to network with potential clients online.

The Microsoft-owned network is a great place to find leads. Create an engaging personal profile with a good photo. Create a Company Page for your firm. Start your networking by asking all your clients to connect with you. and ask for recommendations. (You should also be doing this on Google my Business!)

Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise by writing articles or contributing to online groups. Find groups that your target market is likely to be active in. Don’t try and sell your services. Offer detailed advice and you’re sure to get people interested in what else you can offer.

This month we helped X in Y save Z a year by doing V.


Many accountants have started producing monthly updates that they send to their existing clients. This is a great way of maintaining awareness and building a referral network. But online lead generation is so much more than that. Ask clients for reviews – these are essential when it comes to Local SEO.

In Conclusion, accountants need to have a strong online presence to effectively attract new customers. Understanding what makes a good online presence is what Online Customer Solutions provide. We can help you attract more clients by making your services more visible.

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