Measuring your Conversion With Google Analytics

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The first step in improving your website, is to measure what is currently happening. Google Analytics is a free service that shows you: how many visits does your website get; which pages do visitors look at; how do they navigate round your site, and much more.

Online Customer Solutions provide Analytics as standard. With a Monthly Plan you receive a weekly report detailing number of visitors, how they found your site and goals completed.

A ‘Goal’ is defined as the sites objective. This could be a sale, enquiry, sign-up etc. Every site can have a number of different objectives or Events. You can drill down into how the visitor reaches your site and how they navigate to complete the goal..

Reporting is essential to discover which advertising is working. You could be spending 15p a click on a display advert and be delivering 100 visits per day, but if non of them are converting into a goal, something needs to change.

Alternatively, you could be spending £4 a click on a very specific campaign, not delivering many visitors, but if those visitors are converting into Goals, then this is working.

What the Goals are, and what they are worth to you can be configured to provide additional insight. It could be that you are running an e-commerce site. The value of the Goal is the value of the shopping basket. Google also has an e-commerce plug in, that enables you to send product information as well as price on conversion. So you have complete visibility of your return on marketing spend.

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