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SEO and Online Marketing for Insurance Brokers.

Online Customer Solutions provide online marketing and SEO services to Insurance Brokers. Starting with an audit, we analyse current performance, then suggest ways it can be improved.

A good brokerage website with higher search results generates more enquiries, leading to more clients. Find out how we can help you by filling in this quick contact form.

As an insurance broker, finding new business is not all about being on the front page of the search results. But if would certainly help a lot. Focusing your insurance website on your speciality, the region you service, and combine your brokerage website with online marketing – you’ll find your search performance improves and you start to generate more sales.

An insurance website needs to focus on the target market and how they are likely to look for insurance. It is true that the comparison sites and directories are spending millions on online advertising. But there is still space for local brokers to appeal to a specific demographic.

As search optimised content creators, Online Customer Solutions provide keyword research and analysis to recognise how your insurance clients are going to find you. We then help optimise your website, reporting and monitoring results and continually improving for exposure and conversion.

SEO for Insurance:  Off Page Optimisation

  • SEO Analysis and reports.
  • Google+ optimised content.
  • Keyword research.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Search Console Monitoring and error fix.

SEO for Insurance: On Page Insurance Brokerage SEO tasks

  • Mobility fixes, AMP implementation.
  • Page URL, title and descriptions (Meta Tags)
  • Improve page speed.
  • Internal link optimisation.
  • Optimised, good quality, copywriting.
  • General Credibility Check – no broken links, poor navigation or content.
  • Keyword rich headings, subheadings and footers.
  • Image alt text and filenames.

Insurance and PPC

The Insurance industry has truly embraced pay per click advertising. Millions are spent every day by large insurers and comparison websites. Many have actually found it too competitive, with prices per click becoming higher than traditional call centre marketing.

However, by being highly focused (i.e. insurance speciality or niche audience), having an excellent landing page and a strong offering, pay per click can still provide a good return on investment.

We offer a collaborative approach and a customised service to local insurance brokers.

Content Marketing for Insurance Brokers.

As an insurer, it is essential that your website demonstrates experience and authority. Keep your website up-to-date, ask for reviews, reply to comments. Talk with your previous clients and find new ones.

Keep your customers at the front of mind, and don’t create content just to please the search engines. If people find value in your insurance website, you will start to see your visits improve and client numbers grow. Insurance has lost a lot of customer good will in the past 10 years. Many people now buy just on price, some don’t even know what they are buying. Insurance websites need to explain that the reason a policy is cheaper with some companies, is that it doesn’t offer the same amount of cover. This needs to be done in a value add way. Customers are far too used to just wanting a letter that means they can legally drive. Engaging with customers after they have bought a policy is the key to this. Regularly engage with information, offers (for example) or deals that they will find value in.

SEO for Insurance: Research and Reporting

Don’t be distracted by what other insurers or comparison are doing, but do monitor on your own search engine and online marketing performance. It’s not all about how many people look at your website, convert them into clients!

What are people typing to look for insurance quotes? Voice search is going to play a big part in insurance quotes in future. Developing a site that is optimised for Voice will put you ahead of the curve!

Why Online Customer Solutions?

  • 12 years SEO experience.
  • Technical Knowledge: HTML, PHP, MVC, OpenCart, MySql, WordPress
  • Motivated to deliver business growth.
  • Detailed knowledge of online marketing. SEO, PPC, Email, affiliate recruitment, content marketing, social media and display re-targeting.
  • Constantly up to date with the latest SEO developments and trends.
  • Experience with Google Analytics and other reporting suites.
  • Independent consultant producing objective reviews and analysis.
  • Proactively looking for new ways to continuously improve the performance.
  • Experienced across a variety of industries.

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