Increase Health Club Membership

increase health clum numbers

Increase health club membership with a combination of traditional and digital marketing strategies.

Strategies to increase health club membership start with 1) Who to target and 2) What do they want. In short, iIdentify a niche audience and create offerings specific to them. For example:

  • Mums
  • Office workers on lunch.
  • Over 60’s.

Offers that might be of interest:

  • Mum and Baby classes or a creche.
  • 30-minute classes between 12:30 – 2 pm.
  • Personal fitness or diet plans.

Added value examples:

  • Free coffee / social focus.
  • Healthy lunch options.
  • Off peak rates.

Also, see Local Business Growth via Traditional Values and Online Marketing.

Get The Word Out for Gym Membership Growth

Increase Health Club Membership – Traditional Offline Ideas

  • Open days.
  • Corporate partnerships / special rates.
  • Referral campaigns.
  • Free trials for member guests.
  • Local leaflets.

Example Client: Excercise Classes in Cheadle

Increase Health Club Membership – Online Marketing

  • Google Business (SEO).
  • Facebook PPC.
  • Facebook Social Media – Local Group group posts.
  • PPC – AdWords.

Although not great for social engagement, Google+ and especially your Google Business listing is an essential part of SEO and gaining local visibility for related searches. Health clubs (and other businesses) are able to place promotional listings that display when someone looks for your company or services.

Long Term Retention Strategies for Health Clubs

I haven’t yet mentioned retention. It costs much less to retain clients than find new ones. There is also little point gaining 50 new members per month if you are losing 40.

Ensure that you are offering a great service and communicating regularly with your clients. Make sure you have a feedback loop and constantly talk to your members.

Every time a member visits, ask them 1 quick question: How did they rate their experience? Make responding easy via an SMS, email or even better an app (having apps built is becoming more economical, more about this below).

If you are finding some low scores, investigate the reason and fix it quick! If the scores are great, don’t be complacent – find what you are doing well at and do more of it – enable your clients to promote your business via social media! Word of mouth is the best, cheapest and most effective form of marketing. And it always will be.

To extend this retention strategy, target members that only visit occasionally. Identify those that haven’t been for 2 months – and get them back in, quick!

Health Club Competition

From what we understand, gyms and personal trainers are receiving competition from apps that deliver fitness plans for people to follow at home.

As a long term strategy, health clubs need to develop apps that help people for the times they can’t get to the gym, but also promotes the social/personal and professional experience a gym offers.

Health clubs will be able to deliver a great service whilst also increasing membership (or at least not losing members to other apps!).

In Conclusion

Online Customer Solutions can help your business find clients, improve conversion and help retention.

Our services include:

  • Lead Generation – Targeting. Online marketing.
  • Conversion – Website performance. Customer journey.
  • Retention – Communication and feedback. Application design and development. CRM.
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