Digital Strategy Audit

Ensure your business objectives are being translated into an effective digital marketing strategy.

Most companies objectives are to increase sales.

Online Customer Solutions help business owners, marketing directors and agencies by providing an independent review of current digital marketing objectives and performance.

Our Digital Strategy Review Service Includes:

  • A review of business objectives and how this is currently translated into online targets (impressions, visits, sales, conversion, CPA).
  • Website due diligence
    • Technical
    • Structural
    • User experience
    • Content
  • A review of the current digital customer acquisition strategies:
    • SEO.
    • Search engine marketing.
    • PPC.
      Content marketing (content and distribution).
    • Social media engagement.
  • Budgets review:
    • ROI analysis.
    • Demographic conversion reports.
  • User drop-out investigation.
  • Competitor assessment and comparison.
  • Compliance review.

Initially, we meet to discuss your business, services and ambitions. We then set-up meetings with your internal teams, external agencies, IT service providers or consultancies to build a picture of the current strategy and performance.

Our digital strategy review will highlight strengths, any weakness, opportunities and threats to your online business performance.

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