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Online Marketing and Internet Customers. Who are they? What are they looking for and When do they order?

Is there anything you can do to make sure you are front of mind when they are looking for a service or product. Keep it easy for them to contact you, keep them updated and listen to what they are saying.

Talking with your customers is essential, even if it is asking them to like your Facebook or social media page. Get feedback on how you can improve; start a blog and email the link to your customers.

Asking them to review your service on sites such as your Google business page (that you should have setup) will really help other people find your website.

Focus your online advertising to the type of people that are already ordering from you. For Facebook, you can refine by demographics. LinkedIn (mostly for businesses selling to other businesses) you can choose industry and job title. Google you can choose which types of sites your adverts appear on, or choose demographics – which is a lot more limited than Facebook – so you need to be careful with your keywords.

10 Tips to Increase Sales

  • Ensure your website represents your services and products in the best possible way.
  • Understand your market.
  • Make sure your website is more ‘findable’.
  • Use Social media.
  • Set up online advertising campaigns.
  • Try content marketing.
  • Offer recommend a friend incentives.
  • Try offline advertising.
  • Maximise your budget spend and improve conversion.
  • Contact

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