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Digital Strategy and Technology Solutions, Online Marketing, AdWords and more.

Online Customer Solutions – set up by Adwords Specialist Rob Wilkinson – concentrate on helping businesses grow. We design and implement online marketing strategies, improve conversion and customer journeys, optimise websites and develop applications. We can also provide technical advice to businesses of all sizes.

"The overall objective is to help your business grow. We need to understand who you are, what you do, who your customers are and work out the most likely way of them finding you".

Why Online Customer Solutions?

  • Plain English Help and Advice.
  • Google Certified.
  • Passionate about delivering client business growth.
  • 12 years ‘SEO’ experience.
  • Detailed knowledge of online marketing. This includes PPC, Email, affiliate recruitment, content and social media marketing.
  • Constantly up to date with the latest digital developments and trends.
  • Proactively looking for new ways to continuously improve the performance.
  • Technical Knowledge: HTML, PHP, MVC, OpenCart, MySql, WordPress

Our Values

  • Reliable – We’ll deliver what we say when we say.
  • Trustworthy – We will never deceive you.
  • Value for Money – We treat client budgets as if they were our own to achieve the best possible return.

Online Digital Marketing

Primarily, we offer businesses advice about how best to market themselves online. This includes website recommendations and development. AdWords – PPC, Search Engine Optimisation:  SEO services and online marketing.

Other Digital Services

Website Recommendations and Development

Online Customer Solutions work with you to set up a new website or help you optimise your current one. We project manage and carry our application development, working with you to design bespoke solutions to fit your requirements.

Online Customer Solutions can help you develop your local online presence, set up your social media pages and deliver e-commerce so you can start selling online.

Online Customer Solutions for SME’s

We offer a range of price points that helps smaller businesses get started and also provides the focus for larger clients. We have worked with a variety of industries including Butchers, Fitness Instructors, Caterers, Hairdressers, Insurance brokers, vending, fashion and equestrian suppliers.

Medium Size Businesses

For slightly larger companies, we also offer a more in-depth service. We’ll do keyword and competitor research. Report on current website performance, recommend and carry out any agreed improvements.

We’ll present, and implement, an online marketing strategy focused on increasing website visitors and conversion. Typical clients would be accountants, travel agents, solicitors and Hotels, but any business looking to grow would benefit from our services.

Larger Businesses

We also offer an independent external consultancy service. We provide insight and analysis for companies looking to assess their current service provider or in-house team.

Find out more

OCS deliver a fully managed online solution producing leads and increasing sales. We make your Website work hard!

Contact us today, we can advise and provide a range of services, from setting up a website to improving online marketing and conversions.

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